The universe isn't expanding but becoming one. ™

What is Deathstar ?

It is the beginning of the end. The final stage life of a star. The aftermath of a supernova. It will continue to shine as a dwarf star or blue star until its light eventually die out resulting in a black hole effect. Billions of light years later new gas clouds are formed from matter and gases collected by the black hole effect. Galaxies begins to take shape, new worlds evolved, the genesis of life is created. Thus, the beginning of the end.

As we learn more of work labors' Prehistoric past mistakes, we began to fix it for an improved Pre-colonial present. This will pave way for a prominent Colonial period in the future. Business entities were formed to classify an individual's interest in ownership; taxed accordingly. Sole-proprietorship, single ownership of a company whose combined profit is taxed once at a personal level. Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), requires three (3) ownership holders of the company whose profit is taxed between partners of interest. Incorporation, founder/owner who may hold more than one officer position is liable for taxed profit at a corporate, shareholder and personal level. Highest level of credibility.

Deathstar (a non-fictional term that has been used a fictional product) Corporation, offers job security, diversified workforce and company incentives in the next millennium.

Danny Kaplansky
Monday, December 10, 2018

Countdown to the New Year !!

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